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How to choose a bridal robe: 6 simple steps

We’ve shared a simple guide “How to choose a bridal robe” in stories the other day:


1. Choose your length: we offer short, knee and ankle-long robes.

2. Matte or satin finish? How sheer would you like it to be?

3. Now please decide if you prefer added lace details.

4. Have you got a colour scheme? We offer traditional colours: white, ivory, beige, tan and many (MANY) more.

5. Would you like to select matching dressing gowns for your bridal party? We can recommend the best mix and match combinations.

6. Enjoy your day!



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Valentine, Palentine, Galentine. How about Mylentine?

I’d like to share an odd idea with you: the physics behind self-care and self-love.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about entropy, the concept of ever growing disorder tendency due to the spreading out of energy. Simple as this: the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the entropy of a closed system will never decrease. Left alone, every system prefers chaos (state of maximum entropy) to order (minimum entropy).

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Tattoos, butterflies and creative process

I love this picture and it inspired me to talk about the final stage of our creative process: photography and videography.

I hope you enjoy the quality of our garments - and it’s very important for me to see my designs represented properly.

Every picture is a result of work of 10-12 people: this number covers manufacturing process, modeling and shooting.

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Superhero Plant

Linen fabric is made from linseed (also known as flax) plant that grows in cooler regions of Europe, it's used in superfood production and textiles.

As fibre, linen is very special: it's breathable, hypoallergenic and has anti-bacterial and massaging properties.

What makes linseed a true superhero is the fabric’s sustainable production process. We love that growing linseed enriches the ecosystems and provides habitat for wildlife.

Did you know that EVERY part of the plant is used in production?

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A Trip Down The Memory Lane

I used to sell my products at various Christmas fairs and markets. I had nearly every weekend starting late October booked: local markets, church fairs, large seasonal exhibitions… That period was tough and I don’t miss being a stall holder AT ALL!:)

It was like a Groundhog Day: iron the items to be displayed, get everything in the car, drive, find a place to park (sometimes miles away from the selling venue), unload, unpack, try to sell your products, pack, load, go home, count what you earned, repeat.

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I Was Serving Scones

The story of Bunny Street can be summed up as: find your passion & never give up!

In 2011 I came back to Kyiv after graduating from The University of Birmingham Business School. Although I had a day job in a major IT company, I soon started a side business - a rental service, offering antiques and collectable china for parties and photo shoots.

It was a BAD IDEA.

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The Christmas Shopping Show

Just a little announcent that we'll be participating at The Christmas Shopping Show at the Three Counties Showground Today, Thursday 3rd December 2015 through to Sunday 6th December 2015. We hope to see you here! 

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