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Tattoos, butterflies and creative process

I love this picture and it inspired me to talk about the final stage of our creative process: photography and videography.

I hope you enjoy the quality of our garments - and it’s very important for me to see my designs represented properly.

Every picture is a result of work of 10-12 people: this number covers manufacturing process, modeling and shooting.

I’m constantly looking for new models as we have at least 10 photo shoots a year. And I’ve recently grasped that “muse” concept applies to my creative process too. When I realized that our model Veronika has a butterfly tattoo on her chest, I decided to add more V neck pieces to the mini-collection.

I haven’t got any tattoos (I find it too difficult to choose the design & placement and stick to my decision for longer than a month), but I do love the look of them. Do you have tattoos?



With love,


The founder of Bunny Street


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