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I Was Serving Scones

The story of Bunny Street can be summed up as: find your passion & never give up!

In 2011 I came back to Kyiv after graduating from The University of Birmingham Business School. Although I had a day job in a major IT company, I soon started a side business - a rental service, offering antiques and collectable china for parties and photo shoots.

It was a BAD IDEA.

I soon realized that logistics and the risks of renting personal collection of crockery were stressful for the both parties. But there was a key moment of my life and it happened when I participated in a fundraiser event, serving tea & scones for a good cause.

The night before the event I had a lightbulb thought: “I need a cute apron to complete my outfit!”. And from fabric scraps 2 mini-aprons were born. At the fundraiser, the aprons became a conversation starter and I received my first apron order!

At the next fundraiser the mini-collection of aprons was introduced to the public and the variations of those aprons are sold to date in our shop!

Are there any avid entrepreneurs here? What was your most ridiculous business idea? My brain generates 3 business ideas before breakfast, so we can have a silly idea-off challenge.

End of part 1


Irene Sheyko,

The Founder of Bunny Street



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