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A Trip Down The Memory Lane

I used to sell my products at various Christmas fairs and markets. I had nearly every weekend starting late October booked: local markets, church fairs, large seasonal exhibitions… That period was tough and I don’t miss being a stall holder AT ALL!:)

It was like a Groundhog Day: iron the items to be displayed, get everything in the car, drive, find a place to park (sometimes miles away from the selling venue), unload, unpack, try to sell your products, pack, load, go home, count what you earned, repeat.

Shows are always hit and miss - in most cases my takings could just about buy a table at the next show. But when you believe in what you do (and have an awesome husband to lift boxes and the spirits) - you can see the bigger picture.

It’s so nice to read messages from Bunny Street friends who remember those market stalls days! Thank you for being awesome!

The fairs gave me confidence to keep pushing and I kept developing my brands. I love what I achieved so far - and it’s only the beginning!


With love,

Irene Sheyko

The founder of Bunny Street


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